About Us

About Us

About  Mywikies Site:

Mywikies site is a collection of the biographies of celebrities. These celebrities can be related to any industry such as Bollywood, politics, Entrepreneurship, and cricket star as well. The biographies and our main factor are to provide reliable information about the people who can inspire you or which can push you ahead in your life. Our team is writing these wikis after analyzing each factor about the celebrities, But if you think that our team had made mistake at any point you can simply comment on us.

Our and Our site Motive

Our main aim is to push the people ahead in life by telling the stories or biographies of people, who have already succeed in their life and have achieved something big in eyes of society.

How our  efforts can give the positive effect in your life

Someone said,  ” human is the product of his thoughts ” so we are also trying to feed positive thoughts in people’s life by giving informative useful content.

If you are having any kind of doubt & Queries about this site then please feel free to contact us on:-

Our Email: [email protected]